Home Maintenance Tips

We have prepared a home maintenance checklist and this Home Maintenance Video Series to help you keep your home well maintained and ultimately save money over time. This series of short home ‘how-to’ videos is meant to assist you with some of the more common questions that come up about regular homeowner maintenance.

10 Essential Tools Every New Homeowner Should Have

Most basic home maintenance tasks can be handled with this set of ten essentials tools. It’s likely that you already have many of these handy items in your kit, but if you’re a first-time homeowner you may not. So start...

How To Change The Furnace Filter In Your Legend Home

Avoid common mistakes when replacing your furnace filter in your home. This brief yet informative video will guide you through how to remove, replace and select the proper filter to use with your home’s furnace. Here are some more helpful...

Setting Up and Programming Your Honeywell Thermostat

Watch this video for energy saving tips for setting up and programming your Honeywell Thermostat including, ideal temperature settings, circulation and ventilation control, overall system management, schedule summary, vacation settings and more.

Smoke Detector Battery Replacement

When your smoke detector won’t stop chirping, it’s probably time for new batteries! Watch this video to learn how to change them.

Interior Door Maintenance

Watch this video to learn how to tighten loose door handles as well as clean, lubricate and tighten squeaky door hinges.

Winterizing Your Faucets

Step-by-step instructions to winterizing the faucets on your Legend Home. PLEASE NOTE: Remember to remove hoses from all exterior faucets when you winterize them.

Adjusting Cabinet Door Alignment

If your kitchen cabinet doors are off balance or off center you can easily adjust them through the door hinges. Watch this video to learn how.

Removing and Cleaning The Front Door Ball Catch

Are you having a difficult time getting your front door to latch? Or is it sticking and difficult to open and close? You may need to adjust and/or clean the ball catch at the top of the door. Here’s how!

Quick Screen Door Adjustment

It’s not uncommon for the patio slider screen to get off alignment or even come off of its tracks. Get your Phillips-head screwdriver ready and watch this video to learn how to get quickly get things quickly back on track!