How To Change The Furnace Filter In Your Legend Home

Avoid common mistakes when replacing your furnace filter in your home. This brief yet informative video will guide you through how to remove, replace and select the proper filter to use with your home’s furnace.

Here are some more helpful maintenance tips for the furnace in your Legend Home:

  • Inspect the air filter for accumulated dust and dirt that make the heating unit work harder.
  • Check the furnace filter monthly and replace or clean the filter as needed.
  • Test for proper draft at the furnace or water heater diverter (hold a small piece of tissue paper close to exhaust to insure outward air flow).
  • Examine flue for leaks, rust and damage.
  • Note any odd sound or smell.
  • Seek professional maintenance for the furnace annually or if any of these unusual signs are present.
  • Refer to Your Furnace Manual as needed.

Video Transcript

Today we’re gonna show you how to change your furnace filter. First of all, gather the things you need. You may need a step ladder just at the height of the furnace door [if] the filter door is higher than you feel comfortable with. The other thing you need of course is your new furnace filter.

The first thing you do is open the door and remove it from the furnace, set it down on the floor. Take a look at the filter that’s inside currently because you need to note the direction of the arrow on the furnace filter that’s in there. You want to put the new filter in the same direction. The arrow needs to go in the same direction.

Remove your old filter, slide in your new filter, notice we have written the date that we are doing this on the filter so you have a good record of when it was done last (it’s hard to remember). After doing that, return the filter door, make sure it’s closed, and everything is done. Please remember to always refer to the manufacturer’s care and use recommendations. There’s one of them with every product in your home.

Also, if you wanna find some good pricing on the filters rather than picking them up locally you can order them over the internet. You will Google in the size and model number, you can usually come up with some great pricing on those as well.

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