Winterizing Your Faucets

Step-by-step instructions to winterizing the faucets on your Legend Home.

PLEASE NOTE: Remember to remove hoses from all exterior faucets when you winterize them.

Video Transcript

Today we are going to show you how to winterize your faucets. You will have two locations in your home where you have a shutoff for your exterior faucets. They could be under your kitchen sink, or under your bathroom sink or in your garage. When you’ve located the two the first thing you do is turn the handle to be across the pipe which means it’s off.

Now you’ve shut the water off. The second thing you’re going to want to do is go out to the exterior faucet, you’re gonna want to open it up all the way so that the water will drain out of it. All the water won’t drain out of it until you release the pressure. You do that by turning this cap on the side, you don’t have to take it clear off although it will come off. You just need to loosen it enough and you’re gonna hear the pressure released and allow the water to leave the faucet outside.

Once you’ve done that you need to re-secure that cap, you certainly don’t wanna lose it and you wanna make sure that it’s secured on the pipe so you won’t have it leak when you come to turn the faucets on in the spring. To turn the faucets back on you simply open up the pipe and you’re good to go for the summer.

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