Removing Windows and Screens For Cleaning

Step-by-step instructions on removing the windows and screens for cleaning in your Legend Home.

Video Transcript

Today we’re gonna show you how to take your window out so that you can clean it or take your screens for cleaning.

You want to release the clips; there will be a clip on each side just about three or for inches above the top of the window. Once those are released on both sides then you lift the window up about even with the clips. Now they release from the track, you go up a little further, push them to one side, and then take the window out. This is when you can now get access to your screen and you can get access after taking that off to your upper window.

You can see that the tracks, the metal tracks, are still inside the tracks of the window. To put it back you simply take the window, put one side in above the track, get the other side in and line them up, bring them down to set on top of the tracks and make sure those metal tracks are centered into position. You close each one of the clips, make sure it’s down flush with the track, and then open your window and it’s back in.

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