Vinnie Watkins

Legend Homeowner Testimonials

Legend Homeowner, Vinnie Watkins and her husband moved to Portland looking to purchase a home. After some friends and family referred her to us, we helped her in her search, even though she wasn’t looking at Legend neighborhoods at the time. Then she paid a visit to Legend at Villebois in Wilsonville…

Video Transcript

My name is Vinny Watkins and I moved to Portland about a year ago. I first started renting and was in another area of Portland and wanted to really buy a house.

I did a lot of research – working on a lot of different people – trying to find the right house for us. I had talked with some of my friends and some of my family and they told me of Legend homebuilders – saying how ethical they were and how trustworthy they were.

So I made contact with the Legend homebuilders team and looked around and asked them about other houses in the Portland area [regarding] what I should look for in a home and they were very helpful to me in what to look for and what to buy.

I wasn’t even looking for a Legend Home, because there weren’t any in the direct area that I was looking for. After talking to the builder about homes, we decided we just need to go and look at one of the Legend Homes. So at 9 ‘o clock at night, my husband and I went out to Wilsonville and looked at the homes and we knew immediately that it was the right home, the right location for us.

We were really excited to hear about the energy performance scores that are available, and not knowing what that all meant, we used that as one of our criteria for looking at homes and how efficiently they were built. The warranty was another big selling factor.

The other thing that I liked about Legend was the quality. I could tell there was quality from the beginning with the service that was there, with the flash drive that they gave you that told everything about the interior of the house, with the service that they offered with the walk through…which was great. So is the integrity and the quality and the trust that was there to know that I was going to get a good home and good service.

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