The Akervall Family

Legend Homeowner Testimonials

The Akervalls are a young family who were looking for more space yet still be able to keep their monthly bills in check. They found their dream home and a real sense of community in Legend at Villebois in Wilsonville.

Video Transcription

“We’ve lived in Villebois for about three and a half years. When we were looking for a house there were a couple of things that we wanted. We wanted to have a really nice big kitchen. We wanted a place for the piano…and I wanted to have a place for my ping-pong table.”

“Well, one thing that I like too about living in this community here (Villebois) is the really small backyard. It is the perfect size – very decent maintenance, although we have a lot of nature all around. And since we both like to go running, this is a beautiful place to go running.”

–Anton Akervall

“This house was quite a bit bigger than our last house, but we actually found, because it was built so efficiently that our utility bills are almost about the same as our previous house which was a third of this size.”
“Our bathroom, the master bath, is beautiful. This has been a good floor plan for us for entertaining.”

“We really think that the Villebois community is just outstanding. We know our neighbors and our daughter plays with our neighbors. There’s so many activities going on. Community’s important and it enriches our lives.”

“There’s a lot of parks and green space and that’s I think partly what builds the community too, because you’re out sharing in that space with our neighbors.”

–Kristin Akervall

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