Neil Goudriaan

Legend Homeowner Testimonials

As Neil Goudriaan’s life and needs changed over time, the team at Legend listened and was able to provide him with the perfect home plan to suit him and help him become a Legend Homeowner in a location he already loved.

Video Transcript

My name is Neil Goudriaan. My wife and myself moved here in 2005. We were looking for a university town to settle in and my roots are in the Pacific Northwest. When my wife and myself looked at the OSU campus we said, “This is a real university town.” So we liked it, we contacted a realtor, then we came in and we started turkey and said, “Okay, that’s the lot we want.” Then Legend went to work and built us the house.

In late-2010, I lost my wife to cancer. I had also been having knee problems. What finally did it for me [was] I took the classic “trip down the stairs” one morning. Bah Bump Bah Bump Bah Bah Bump! All the way to the bottom of the stairs and I said, “That’s it. I gotta get out of here.”

Angelika [Gampert] and myself talked one day and she said, “Well, you need to talk with Mike, because they [Legend Homes] may be building a single story down Shoreline,” and he confirmed yes. And I said, “Well, put my name on the lot.” So then I listed my property [and] sold it within a reasonable amount of time – probably within about 60 days and inked a deal on this property.

Legend was able to offer me this particular model, in this particular place on the same street…just down the street. I said it was a no brainer…and I liked the energy efficiency that Legend was starting to build into their homes.

The technology of today’s thermostats that Legend and the HVAC contractors [are] building into these homes is wonderful, because I can program it to my needs. My one year inspection will be coming up later this month.

It’s a great place to live. I’ve been very happy.

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