Najmah Al-Ghamdi

Legend Homeowner Testimonials

Legend homeowner, Najmah Al-Ghamdi, and perhaps the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, shares what she loves best about her Legend Home and living in a Legend community and Oregon.

Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Najmah Al-Ghamdi. That how it’s pronounced: Najmah Al-Ghamdi. I’m from Saudi Arabia and I’ve been leaving here in this house…this month we completed one year.

I live with my son. I’m on a visit visa. I come and go and I love it here. I love Oregon.

And [this is] the reason I choose…or I went for the Legend Home company…

During the two years of our search in Portland we had our real estate attorney. When I told her I found this sub-division that I really liked and I want to send you the information she immediately replied, “Legend Homes? Go for it, Najmah! They have a really high reputation.”

That’s why I did not think of anything else I just prayed to God and I went for it.

We set our criteria about the houses that we want to go for from the size to the number of bedrooms, the backyard, the overall from outside, and the color, and the finishing…and we love it. We love every single spot in this house.

And I love my neighbors. That’s really wonderful community.

Also, the recreation – that there’s a swimming pool. There’s a really cooperative team over there…and I just love it. I just love it.

The happiness I felt about this community and the house and the way the house [is] structured. Everything…almost everything…made me tell my friends back home and especially in Kuwait, where I have a lot of friends. And I do recommend and actually I did recommend Legend Homes to my friends.

When we lived in rented houses and rented apartments when didn’t feel [at] home…we didn’t feel [at] home, but here [is] home sweet sweet! Thanks to Legend Homes.

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