Bob Ericksen

Legend Homeowner Testimonials

Bob Ericksen hired a home inspector to confirm the quality of his Legend Home. The inspector photographed his home to show other builders how things are done right.

Watch Bob tell the story in his video and learn more about his experience as a Legend homeowner.

Video Transcription

I’m Bob Ericksen and I’m a Legend homeowner and I’ve lived in a house for not quite two years.

You know the great thing about it is…in the winter it stays warm and the amount of insulation they put in and the quality of it must be extremely good because it’s amazingly energy efficient. And also the effort that went into small things that they probably didn’t even have to do, you know. I was pretty amazed at just the extra workmanship that they put into them and I was watching some of the houses going up and I was just very pleased that they were putting that kind of effort into something.

“One thing that happened to me that indicates this and [so it’s] not just coming from me is that I hired a guy who was a home inspector to go through the home. I kinda followed him around and watched what he was doing. He had a camera and he had a notepad and every once in a while he would stop and take a picture of something. And I said, “What happened there? What’s wrong there, you know? What’d you take the picture for?”

He says, “Oh, nothing.”

I said, “No, I saw you take the picture. Why would take the picture?”

And he goes, “Oh, well actually I took the picture so I can show other builders how this is supposed to be done because a lot of builders don’t do it this way and this is actually the way it’s supposed to be done.”

And he did that about three times around the house, so I figured, “Wow! You know, that’s really a great thing that this guy is supposed to looking for imperfections and yet at the same time he’s telling me about all the things that are especially good about the quality of the house.”

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