Barbara Mullins

Legend Homeowner Testimonials

Barbara Mullins, Legend Homes homeowner, shares her experience with Portland home builder Legend Homes.

Video Transcription

“My name is Barabra Mullins and I live in Willamette Landing and I am in the midst of purchasing our fourth Willamette Landing home. I love their product.”

“I feel like I’m getting a custom home because I’m to make some of the changes to it that are my own. Things that I really want [like] beautiful cabinetry. We’ve put in pot drawers and spice racks and I’ve got some beautiful cherry wood flooring. We were able to modify an entertainment area to have some built-in cabinetry and the fireplace area to wrap wood around it to extend into an entertainment area.”

“I was able to change some things where electrical placement was. There’s a lot of things that I have been able to do in this particular home to modify it, to kind of customize it, even though it’s a production home, to make it truly a home that I will be comfortable in and be happy in for many years to come.”

“I have been very impressed with every single person that I have come across in Legend Homes and all of the sub-contractors that work for Legend Homes. They really try their best to make the customer happy. I really feel that.”

“It’s just so great to be in contact with people that seem to be happy about their jobs and seem to want to help you with, you know, this purchase that you’ve made. So I commend Legend Homes for having the employees that they do.”

“They must be doing something right because they seem to be very happy in their jobs.”

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