Legend at Sylvia Behind the Walls Live and Virtual Tour

Last Wednesday 100+ Real Estate Agents and potential Legend Homeowners toured Legend at Sylvia’s Weatherford model home at the insulation stage.  

Legend Vice President, Mike Goodrich, lead various tours throughout the day, explaining our construction practices and building sciences.

This ‘Behind the Walls’ tour detailed such features as Legend’s Proprietary Window Installation System, 95% Efficient Furnace and Ducts located inside our homes, Polar Blanket Wall Insulation, Whole House Ventilation, Tankless Water Heater, Smart Home Automation, 3rd Party Home Certifications & More!

Now you can take a Sneak Peak Virtual Tour of our Weatherford Model Home as we build it in the Legend at Sylvia neighborhood in Corvallis.

Navigate around the house by moving your cursor to the white circles. Click on the circles when they turn blue for details on the home’s unique features. You can also click and drag your mouse to get a 3D perspective around the home.

Please feel free to contact us for availability and pricing information!


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