Legend Homes VP Mike Goodrich Interviewed For Willamette Living

Mike Goodrich, Vice President of Legend Homes, was recently featured in Willamette Living Magazine, the go-to guide to Willamette Valley’s local food, art, entertainment, people and places.

Willamette Living asked Mike about homebuilders “going green”.

WL: We used to hear a lot about homebuilders who were “going green”. What happened to that? Is it over?

MG: Nope, but what the term “green building” means has evolved a lot over the last decade and overwhelmingly for the better. The Energy Trust of Oregon uses our design values and testing results to assign each of our homes an Energy Performance Score. The EPS allows buyers to compare expected energy use and carbon footprint against other homes built in Oregon and to the same home if it was just built to code. Legend takes the estimated energy cost from the EPS and guarantees that our new buyers gas and electric bills won’t exceed that rate for three years. “Green building” is still around, but it’s all grown up.

Read more of what Mike Goodrich had to say about how Legend Homes uses science and a best practices-based approach toward building more sustainable homes.

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