Internal Best Practices Task Force

Behind Our Walls Video Series: Part 2 of 12

Home building has evolved over time and to keep up with the very best approach to building homes we instituted our own Home Builder Best Practices Task Force to ensure that our teams and the homes that we build are built to and beyond modern standards and codes.

Video Transcript

Home building has evolved over time. We do things differently than we did, two years ago, five years ago, twenty years ago. Those changes, in materials, codes, and methods, and energy requirements have changed structures. And how those things interact with each other, we are still learning about on a daily basis.

At Legend [Homes] we’ve created our own Internal Best Practices Task Force of our best construction minds. And for many years, that team has been analyzing our construction methods, our materials, our processes, how we institute them, and creating better ways and better ways in constant improvement in the home we produce. As we select those new processes and materials, we need to train our contractors, train our staff, and then we have to provide inspections to make sure that training results in a home that has those things in them.

That’s very difficult to do, it’s rare in the industry to have all those things happen by the builder. The builder assumes the contractor knows what he’s doing, the contractor assumes he’s installing the same stuff the way he always has. The homes do not end up the same between builder to builder between home to home, without a lot of checks and balances. Legend [Homes] provides those but also provides you proof that it happens.

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