Flexible PEX Piping and Plumbing

Behind The Walls Video Series: Part 6 of 12

Legend uses a cross-link polyethylene PEX piping system in our homes. It’s very flexible and stays flexible over time. The is a very effective system that retains its heat and the energy, so you can get hot water to where you want it faster.

Watch as Mike Goodrich, Legend’s VP and Direct of Production, shows you how our plumbing systems our designed and built to more effectively serve the home and prevent contaminates from entering your pipes.

Video Transcript

So Legend Homes uses a PEX piping system in our home – a cross-link polyethylene pipe. That pipe is very flexible. It stays flexible over time. The joints in it don’t use any solder, any flexes [or] any that can put contaminants into your waterline in your home.

All of the fittings are nylon and the pipe is so expansive that in order to connect it together the plumber actually puts a tool into the pipe, expands that pipe open, the fitting goes inside and it clamps down inside on top of it so we have a very good, physical, long-term connection that we can trust on that. The pipe is so flexible that we don’t need to worry about freezing. If you happen to have a place where water froze inside that pipe [then] that will expand a little bit without splitting open or breaking and then it will shrink right back down to normal when it warms up again.

It also gives us a lot of flexibility to run through the home. Where a conventional plumbing system would start as one big pipe, [then] branch into a couple little smaller [and] those would branch into a couple a little smaller as a tree that moves throughout the house.

That worked great except for the fact that your farthest fixture from the home may take a long time to get hot water and you’ve had a long time for that water to lose its energy that you paid to put into it by the time it gets over to there.

So the PEX pipe allows us to take a nice long run all the way near where we’re going – where we have a lot of water fixtures. We’ll install a little manifold at that point and then we’ll branch several fixtures off quickly, so we’ve got hot water and a big pipe going over close to where the fixtures are. It’s going retain its heat and the energy. It’s going to get heat to where you want it faster and it’s just a very effective system.

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