Commitment To Buyer: EPS 3-Year Energy Bill Guarantee

Behind The Walls Video Series: Part 4 of 12

Portland home builder Legend Homes’ fourth video in the “Behind The Walls” series. This video covers Legend’s commitment To the buyer through our EPS 3-Year Energy Bill Guarantee.

Video Transcript

One element of Legend’s commitments is to provide you with an Energy Performance Score, or EPS, which was developed by the Energy Trust of Oregon. In that score is an analysis of the plan of each individual home on where windows are; how much base of windows; connections of this and that; ceiling heights, air volume in the house; heat loads; heat gains and predict based on following a number of different of installations processes what the energy rating of that how is going to require.

Legend Homes provides a 3-year guarantee that that estimate is actually all you’re going pay.

So if something in your lifestyle means that you’re using more energy than what was predicted that’s our problem, but we’re going to help you figure out how to make this home and your lifestyle fit to save you lots of money of years to come.

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