Legend’s Warranty Coverage

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Warranty Coverage Details

Legend Homes refers to “defects” in the Warranty Agreement as flaws in the materials or workmanship used in constructing the Home, due to non-compliance with the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines compiled by the National Association of Home Builders.

We have included information in the following chapters of your Homeowner Handbook that will specify in detail how we will address issues that may arise in the first three years of ownership of your new home.

As the “Warranty Agreement” is the legal document, you will find in the next sections language that explains the limits of our obligations. We encourage you to read these sections and your “Warranty Agreement” carefully to avoid any future misunderstanding about the Warranty Agreement.

Cosmetic Deficiencies Covered for 30 Days

Legend Homes will repair Cosmetic Deficiencies only if such problems are caused by defects in materials or workmanship. Cosmetic Deficiencies caused by Owner are not covered by this Warranty Agreement. Unless Owner notifies Legend Homes in writing of a specific Cosmetic Deficiency within 30 days of the closing date or possession of you home, whichever comes first, the Cosmetic Deficiency will not be covered by this Warranty Agreement.

Cosmetic Deficiencies means:

  • Chipped or scratched countertops, cabinets, paint, flooring, ceramic tile, grout, marble, plumbing fixtures, glass, windows or mirrors.
  • Dents or dings in garage door
  • Torn screens

Performance Guidelines Covered for Three Years

Legend Homes warrants that the home will be constructed in accordance with the Performance Guidelines for a period of three years beginning on the closing date or possession of the home, whichever comes first unless a shorter period is specified in the Performance Guidelines.

Leaks and Systems Covered for Five Years

Legend Homes covers the following items in the first five years you own your home:

  • Roof and Basement Leaks – Plumbing Leaks at Fixtures, Fittings, Interior Pipes
  • Sewer Leaks
  • Interior Gas Leaks
  • Defects in Electrical Main Panel, Electrical Service Disconnect, Wiring, Switches and Outlets
  • HVAC Coverage for the Compressor, Condenser Coil, Heat Exchanger and Thermostats

Structural Defects covered for 10 Years

Legend Homes warrants that the Home will be free from “Structural Defects” during the first ten years.

A “Structural Defect” is actual physical damage to designated load-bearing elements of the Home caused by failure of such load-bearing elements which affect their load-bearing function.

One Time Touch-up Coupon

Legend Homes offers a One Time Touch-up Coupon which can be used anytime in the first year after your closing date and expires on your one year anniversary.

This coupon covers the drywall issues that may occur as your home acclimates to being a conditioned space. We do recommend letting your home go through a complete heating and cooling cycle, or around the tenth or eleventh month of the first year in your home, to redeem your coupon.

Yearly Warranty Visits

As part of the Legend Homes commitment to quality and service, we offer a Yearly Warranty Visit and Maintenance Review during each year of the three-year warranty period.

During this visit, one of our Customer Care Representatives will review your home with you to identify any warrantable items that need to be addressed before the end of your warranty period.

Your representative will also help you identify homeowner maintenance items that need your attention to ensure the longevity of your Legend Home.

Quality workmanship, in conjunction with a good home maintenance plan will make your homeowner experience a pleasant one.

The Next Ten Years…

The State of Oregon has a “statute of ultimate repose” for the protection of consumers, for a period of ten years.

If you suffer damage or loss within that time, caused by a defect from the original construction, you may report it to Legend Homes under the warranty.

You should follow the steps spelled out in ORS701.565, to protect your interests, by notifying Legend Homes in writing of the specific defect(s) you are concerned about, and we will do what we can to help you.

All of us at Legend are proud of our homes, and we intend them to last.

Appliances Covered by Manufacturers’ Warranties

The following Appliances are covered by manufacturers’ warranties and are not covered by this Warranty Agreement.

However, if you discover a defect in any Appliance installed by Legend Homes during a period of one year from the closing date of the home, Legend Homes will assist you in your efforts to enforce the manufacturer’s warranty.

Appliances means:

  • Dishwasher / Trash Compactor
  • Range / Microwave Oven/ Oven
  • Refrigerator / Washer and Dryer

Warranty Service

For performance under this Warranty Agreement, the instructions in the Reporting Procedures section of the Homeowner Handbook must be followed.

If a claim is covered, Legend Homes will decide whether to repair or replace the defective item. Legend Homes has no obligation to reimburse Owner for amounts paid by Owner to a repairman or contractor.

All claims not reported to Legend Homes prior to the expiration of this Warranty Agreement will not be covered by the Warranty Agreement.