Emergency Contact Info

Providing prompt, courteous and efficient service.

24-Hour Emergency Hotline: 503-716-8748

This number is available to assist you in the event of an emergency. Emergency items are as follows:

  • Total loss of heat (As air conditioning is a convenience, this emergency status does not apply.)
  • Total loss of electricity that is not due to a loss of power from your service provider.
  • Total loss of water (check with neighbors for possible water company problem)
  • Plumbing leak requiring main valve to be shut off.
  • Gas leaks should be taken seriously. Have NW Natural confirm the home is safe. Often they can find what is leaking, this may aid in expediting the correction.

An answering service operator will take your call and confirm that your situation constitutes an emergency.

In the event that the situation does qualify for an emergency, the operator will take your information and proceed with notifying the first available LEGEND HOMES representative that can immediately get in touch with you and help.

If the problem is not an emergency, you will be directed to contact the Customer Care Department in writing on the next business day.

Contact Legend’s Customer Care Department