You Are What You Breathe: EarthSmart Homes Improve Indoor Air Quality

Behind The Walls Video Series: Part 8 of 12

You can breathe easier in a Legend EarthSmart home.

Your home is where your heart is. It’s also where most of the oxygen that you breath is.

So it’s nice to know that our 95% high efficiency forced air gas furnace and duct placement improve indoor air quality by circulating fresh air into your home and exhausting stale air out through a balanced ventilation system and a programmable thermostat.

EarthSmart high-efficiency furnace filters also eliminate smaller particles, decreasing allergens and airborne contaminates, while a fresh air intake damper, a lever located on the furnace, allows better control of conditioned air distribution throughout the home.

Housing Tightening and Air Sealing are other factors we take into account. All exterior and interior penetrations are sealed to prevent air, moisture and pests from entering your home. Exterior wall plates are sealed to the floor, door plan flashings are installed to protect from moisture leaks and limits water damage to door and floors as well as sealed HVAC duct system in conditioned air space.

Take a deep sigh of relief knowing that your home works hard to improve your indoor air quality.

Legend’s EarthSmart energy efficient homes are sustainably built, affordably priced and engineered to help pay for themselves! EarthSmart homes are not only affordable for the average buyer, but they deliver long term cost savings in the form of lower energy bills.

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Video Transcript

This is is a 95% efficient furnace. It’s a closed combustion unit what that means is there’s these two pipes that coming out [of] the top of it rather than just having a B vent a normal conventional furnace use to just draw air from the rest of the house to burn and then it would take that combusted air and the products of combustion or the exhaust that we need to get rid of would vent out through the roof. Fairly loose system, if that happened to backdraft you had the possibility of getting carbon monoxide inside your home. So there [were] a lot of rules associated with that you had to have a louvered door to make sure you had plenty of combustion air going to that.

This is far better system that’s been developed now. One of these pipes brings in nice fresh air to burn from the outside, the other delivers that exhaust air to the outside. This door right here can be a solid door now, we don’t have to worry about that. We’re going to install a high quality air filter on the inside. Takes up the whole space of this cabinet, so rather than the little one that you may have seen before this is going to be a thick media filter thats really going to catch all the dust and particulates that you don’t want to have circulating around inside your home.

And at some point we also need to bring in some nice fresh air for you and your family to breathe if your just popping open a window thats unregulated air you’ve got the possibility for pollens and particulates to come into the home that you don’t necessarily want to breathe. On the other hand we want to make sure that we are constantly circulating any air in your home so it stays nice an healthy. Thats what this pipe right up here is going to do thats a fresh air intake damper. It’s got a timer on it that were going to have interfaced with your thermostat. On a regular basis thats going to call for air. This electronic damper inside this fresh air duct right here will open up it will draw nice fresh air from the outside in. And your furnace, it will run it through this media filter that we have installed right here and your furnace will distribute that fresh air throughout the home on a regular basis.

Alright, we have installed a weather resistant barrier on the outside of the home to keep the weather on the outside. Talked a little about the ability for air to drive moisture in to our out of the home. That’s also going to have an impact on the comfort or the draftiness of your home and the energy efficiency of your home. So it’s important to us that we seal up the home completely. We get a complete separation of the exterior of the home from the interior of the home.

Some of the air sealing details that you may have not have seen in the past are going to be caulk and/or foam in between the gaps in the studs on the inside to the exterior wall that you see right there. Around the pipes in the floor and the pipes in the top plate we’re going to have a foam insulation around that and/or caulking to gap any holes that you might see there. And up at the top of the top plate there’s a foam gasket here that’s going to compress against the dry wall as it attaches to it and it’s just going to keep any of that air from the attic space or that may have dropped into the walls at any point from getting into the air space of the home. So we’ve got control of the air that’s moving in to this home, the fresh air thats moving in to this home, and the air that we’re moving out.

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