Legend's commitment to affordable sustainability
EarthSmart Energy Efficient Features

EarthSmart Energy Efficient Home Features

For the full list of the energy efficient home features we offer with EarthSmart, please click here to download the pdf. Or, take the Behind Our Walls video tour and discover more about Legend’s sustainable building methods.

Longevity of Structure

House Tightening & Air Sealing
This practice prevents air leakage into the home as well as inside air from escaping, protecting indoor air quality while reducing energy bills.

Professionally Installed Windows
Legend’s proprietary assembly method eliminates water and air infiltration around windows.

Behind-the-Siding Photo Documentation
We document each phase of construction and provide our homeowners with photos and certification upon completion.

3rd Party Certifications
The following third-party inspections and certifications are performed on all Legend Homes: Ductwork Testing, Blower Door Tests and Lumber Dry Out Certification.  These certifications are documented and shared with our homeowners as evidence of the home’s energy efficiency.  In addition, every Legend home recieves Energy Trust of Oregon’s Energy Performance Score (EPS), an independent assessment of energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Home Performance from Energy Trust of Oregon on Vimeo.

Energy Efficiency

Heavy Duty Vinyl Windows  With Low-E glazing and energy efficient 0.30 U factor, our windows achieve the lower rating by the use of Argon gas and Low-Emissive coating, providing protection from ultraviolet light as well as energy loss through the glass assembly.

R-23 Polar Blanket Wall Insulation
The result of this insulation is not only effective energy conservation, but ensures that this will be the quietest home you have ever lived in.

95% Efficient Furnace
High-Efficiency forced air gas furnances located within the living space of the home, reducing energy and natural gas usage.

3-Year Energy Bill Guarantee
Legend Homes guarantees that the energy costs (Gas & Electricity) for a new Legend Earth Smart home will not exceed an average of $99 per month for any one year period during the first 3 years of homeownership. The Energy Bill Guarantee is calculated using the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Energy Performance Score (EPS) figure to determine gas (therms) and electricity (kilowat hours) required to live in your home in a typical weather year.

Innovative Sustainability

Water Saving Features & Systems
Low-flow faucets, toilets and valves which greatly reduce water consumption without sacrificing quality of life.

Composite Engineered Wood Materials
Wood materials (wood trim, framing materials, etc.) made from recycled wood, short-growth forests and off-cuts from the milling processes, reduces the demand on forests.

Recycled Construction Materials
Construction debris, such as cardboard packaging, wood, metal and drywall scraps are sorted and delivered to recycling centers.

Local Vendors & Suppliers
Local labor and material use contributes directly to our local economy and resource efficiency. Many vendors and supplies and suppliers implement earth-friendly environmental practices.

Final Stair Treads & Risers
Legend installs temporary treads and risers at framing and has the finish carpenter install fresh, clean ones after the sheetrock is done and the walls painted.  They fit better and are not likely to develop squeaks over time.

Health and Safety

Whole Home Fresh Air Ventilation System
Through balanced ventilation and a programmable thermostat, this system circulates fresh air in and exhausts stale air out for improved indoor air quality.

MERV 11 Filter
A high performance furnace filter removes far smaller particles (pollen, pet dander, etc) than typical equipment.

Heating System Protection during Construction
Legend uses fans and portable heat equipment to dry the home prior to sheet rock installation, protects floor vents with screens, and installs filters on all the return air vents during the construction process.

Low VOC Paints
Paint with less volatile organic compounds to off-gas during the curing process, directly improving air quality both during and after construction is complete.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Included in all Legend Homes.

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