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Legend Homeowners, David & Jamie Meyer were shopping for older homes when their realtor told them about the opportunity to buy a new Legend Home, choose a floor plan that was a perfect fit and save money in the process.

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We had previously been looking at older homes…

…and our realtor said that Legend Homes were really nice homes.

When we looked at the model…we started to refine what we wanted and what we needed. So we looked at two of the models and they were very nice, but then we also got to look at the floor plans of models that weren’t currently for sale and ultimately bought something that was being built that fit us like a glove. It’s perfect for us.

I don’t think I have one favorite thing. It just…The whole thing fits us so well.

The fact that it’s brand new is very nice.

The purchasing process was smooth sailing. They have it down and care about customer service which was nice.

It’s definitely less expensive comparatively to the 3-bedroom townhouse we had been in previously, so I believe that it does…it does show a decrease in our energy bills…how much…we will see, but it’s definitely everything that’s been advertised as far as the Legend commitment and things like that. It’s definitely lived up to that.

I’d definitely recommend Legend to…

I would.

…and already have…


…to family and friends.

I think…I mean ultimately everyone wants to design the perfect living space and things like that, but there are problems that come with that, and so when I look at the larger Legend Homes that’s definitely an option, but as our next step.

The area here with the families and the proximity to the river and the trails…It’s all a package deal. It really, really fits our situation.

And the commitment…knowing that Legend stands by their work for years helps a lot.

Legend Homeowner, Vinnie Watkins and her husband moved to Portland looking to purchase a home. After some friends and family referred her to us, we helped her in her search, even though she wasn’t looking at Legend neighborhoods at the time. Then she paid a visit to Legend at Villebois in Wilsonville…

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My name is Vinny Watkins and I moved to Portland about a year ago. I first started renting and was in another area of Portland and wanted to really buy a house.

I did a lot of research – working on a lot of different people – trying to find the right house for us. I had talked with some of my friends and some of my family and they told me of Legend homebuilders – saying how ethical they were and how trustworthy they were.

So I made contact with the Legend homebuilders team and looked around and asked them about other houses in the Portland area [regarding] what I should look for in a home and they were very helpful to me in what to look for and what to buy.

I wasn’t even looking for a Legend Home, because there weren’t any in the direct area that I was looking for. After talking to the builder about homes we decided we just need to go and look at one of the Legend Homes. So at 9 ‘o clock at night my husband and I went out to Wilsonville and looked at the homes and we knew immediately that it was the right home, the right location for us.

We were really excited to hear about the energy performance scores that are available, and not knowing what that all meant, we used that as one of our criteria for looking at homes and how efficiently they were built. The warranty was another big selling factor.

The other thing that I liked about Legend was the quality. I could tell there was quality from the beginning with the service that was there, with the flash drive that they gave you that told everything about the interior of the house, with the service that they offered with the walk through…which was great. So is the integrity and the quality and the trust that was there to know that I was going to get a good home and good service.

As Neil Goudriaan’s life and needs changed over time, the team at Legend listened and was able to provide him with the perfect home plan to suit him and help him become a Legend Homeowner in a location he already loved.

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My name is Neil Goudriaan. My wife and myself moved here in 2005. We were looking for a university town to settle in and my roots are in the Pacific Northwest. When my wife and myself looked at the OSU campus we said, “This is a real university town.” So we liked it, we contacted a realtor, then we came in and we started turkey and said, “Okay, that’s the lot we want.” Then Legend went to work and built us the house.

In late-2010, I lost my wife to cancer. I had also been having knee problems. What finally did it for me [was] I took the classic trip down the stairs one morning. Bah Bump Bah Bump Bah Bah Bump! All the way to the bottom of the stairs and I said, “That’s it. I gotta get out of here.”

Angelika [Gampert] and myself talked one day and she said, “Well, you need to talk with Mike, because they [Legend Homes] may be building a single story down Shoreline,” and he confirmed yes. And I said, “Well, put my name on the lot.” So then I listed my property [and] sold it within a reasonable amount of time – probably within about 60 days and inked a deal on this property.

Legend was able to offer me this particular model, in this particular place on the same street…just down the street. I said it was a no brainer…and I liked the energy efficiency that Legend was starting to build into their homes.

The technology of today’s thermostats that Legend and the HVAC contractors [are] building into these homes is wonderful, because I can program it to my needs. My one year inspection will be coming up later this month.

It’s a great place to live. I’ve been very happy.

The Akervalls are a young family who were looking for more space yet still be able to keep their monthly bills in check. They found their dream home and a real sense of community in Legend at Villebois in Wilsonville.

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“We’ve lived in Villebois for about three and a half years. When we were looking for a house there were a couple of things that we wanted. We wanted to have a really nice big kitchen. We wanted a place for the piano…and I wanted to have a place for my ping-pong table.”

“Well, one thing that I like too about living in this community here (Villebois) is the really small backyard. It is the perfect size – very decent maintenance, although we have a lot of nature all around. And since we both like to go running, this is a beautiful place to go running.”

–Anton Akervall

“This house was quite a bit bigger than our last house, but we actually found, because it was built so efficiently that our utility bills are almost about the same as our previous house which was a third of this size.”

“Our bathroom,the master bath, is beautiful. This has been a good floor plan for us for entertaining.”

“We really think that the Villebois community is just outstanding. We know our neighbors and our daughter plays with our neighbors. There’s so many activities going on. Community’s important and it enriches our lives.”

“There’s a lot of parks and green space and that’s I think partly what builds the community too, because you’re out sharing in that space with our neighbors.”

–Kristin Akervall

Sharyl was looking for a quality-crafted, green home with low monthly payments. Her new Legend Home at Willamette Landing in Corvallis, Oregon exceeded her expectations in more ways than one. Watch her video to hear Sharyl explain what she enjoys most about being a Legend Homeowner.

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“I wanted a good home with payments that wouldn’t make me uncomfortable. I’ve [been] so impressed by several things. Number one was the workmanship.”

“[The Legend] employees…they’re really friendly. I just didn’t have to wait and wonder if there was going to be some kind of answer to my questions – it was immediate. I mean as immediate as [it] could possibly be. I’ve been encouraging everyone to buy these homes and people have looked at them, because they can’t believe some of the things that I’m able to tell them about how green it and how it’s set up for solar. […] Really nice!”

–Sharyl Peck

Irma and Jerry Slinger were looking to downsize from their old 4,000 SF home in West Salem to a more modern, low maintenance home near parks and shopping. Their new construction Legend Home was a perfect fit for them. Watch the video to hear what they like best.

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“The first model home we went into was actually this one and we were in here less than five minutes and we said, ‘Wow! This is where we want to be…’ and we’d already scouted this area out so we came back and made an offer on this home and they graciously accepted a day later…So we did that and we moved in less than three weeks and we’re so excited to be a part of this community. And everyone’s so friendly here. Everything’s upbeat and everything’s very modern. We like that. It’s just been a new adventure for us.”

“One of the things that’s just been very nice is that we have someone to maintain our yard. I was able to throw away my lawnmower!”

–Jerry Slinger

“What we like about Legend is as soon as you walk through the door you feel like home. The quality of the interior work is what we were looking for…and we like the openness of our house. There were a lot of different home plans that Legend offers and we like the variety. We just happen to have this one that worked out for us for and we’re just extremely happy.”

“[There are] great walking trails and community parks that are very accessible. It makes it really nice to be able to stay in shape and enjoy beautiful Oregon weather. I would buy another Legend Home. We were looking for something that’s low maintenance and feel it’s an excellent, quality home and we hope to have many quality years here.”

–Irma Slinger

As a previous homeowner, Deanne had specific features in mind for her new home. Watch her testimonial to hear how Legend Homes’ variety of floor plans met and exceeded her expectations.

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“We were looking for a home that had a master on the main floor and we came out to Villebois because we had heard it was nice…We looked at a couple floor plans and we were sold.”

“One of the things that we like about this house is the flow of the house for entertaining. We feel that it just is very cozy, but it has a lot of openness.”

“When they showed us the book with all the details everything was very professional. Our expectations were […] not only met but were exceeded. We definitely would buy another Legend Home and we have told many people about Villebois and about Legend Homes and how pleased we are. We feel that we have made a good choice and that it’s a really nice community and a nice development.”

–Deanne Wong

The Hawk Family liked their Willamette Landing home so much that they bought another Legend Home at Villebois. Watch the video to hear more of the family’s thoughts on their Legend Homes.

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“Villebois is perfect. We have [children] and the parks…there’s a brand new elementary school and [it’s] just a really nice family community.”

“The energy efficiency is definitely a huge selling point for Legend Homes. We’ve been amazed at how low our energy bills have been throughout the year.”

“What I love about Legend Homes is really just the overall quality of the craftsmanship and the look and the design. All the design choices are really nice and cohesive. We were so impressed with our first Legend Home that we’d never live in any thing else.”

–The Hawk Family

Watch the video to hear what Mike & Jane Kane like best about their Legend Home built by Portland Home Builder, Legend Homes.

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“The other influential factor was the community. We love it here…It’s a very ideal location for us, and specifically it’s very close to shopping and restaurants and places that we can walk.”

“I would recommend Legend Homes to anyone that was interested. The home choices are wonderful. The home plans are suitable particularly for people like us that are retired and that don’t like to climb the stairs.”

“The service is wonderful. We’ve had nothing but good service since the time that we came, and if we have any problems we can call Legend Homes and they’re right there. So we really like the service.”

–Mike & Jane Kane

Watch the video to hear what Bob Van Vleet likes best about his Willamette Landing home and Portland Home Builder, Legend Homes.

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“My favorite thing about the home is all the attention to all the details. I would definitely buy another home from Legend. The people I’ve dealt with are great and the quality is good. When I first moved in here we needed three bedrooms and we had a loft upstairs and they turned the loft into a bedroom. It took them about a week. Everything we’ve asked them for they’ve done and it’s just been a great experience.”

–Bob Van Vleet

Watch the video to hear more about why Tara Miller loves Portland Home Builder, Legend Homes.

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“We have noticed a savings in our energy bills. We came from Colorado and water and electric is actually cheaper there, but moving here our house is about twice the size and we save, I would say, 30 percent on our bill from what we had in Colorado, which is pretty substantial considering the house size difference.”

–Tara Miller

Watch the video to hear more from Bob Ericksen about his Legend Homes experience.

“I was pretty amazed at just the extra workmanship that they put into them.”

–Bob Ericksen

Watch the video to hear more from Barbara Mullins about her Legend Homes experience.

“I love the product, I feel like I’m getting a custom home…”

–Barbara Mullins

More Praise from Legend Homeowners and Brokers

My wife and I spent almost 6 months searching for the right home in the Beaverton / Tigard area, and we found it at Legend Homes. Our newly constructed house is beautifully designed inside and out, it was love at first sight! All the Legend Home staff are informative and helpful and made the buying process an almost stress free experience. Jenny in the sales office has been a delight to work with from day one. We are absolutely thrilled to be moving into our new home.

–Mark & Miki

I love this home and am now beginning to feel like it’s really mine! As I’ve said before, the entire experience with Legend from your professionalism to the quality of the home to the quality of the people far exceeds any previous homebuying experience I have had.

Thank you again for everything!!!


I want to thank you so sincerely for your great cooperation in getting Craig and Jennifer’s home closed. What a great team you are–in fact, one of the finest I have worked with in my 20 years in real estate. Legend Homes is to be commended for the efficient and gracious people they have representing them. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.

–Marjorie, Broker

I am actually a Real Estate Broker and have sold several Legend Homes over the years. I prefer them because of the high standards they uphold for not only the quality of building materials and workmanship but the customer service. I have never had one complaint about anything with any Legend Homes and totally love mine now!

–Ellie C, Broker

I’ve wanted to express to you how happy we are with our new home and thank you for allowing us the creative freedom to make so many changes to the floor plan. It is the home we’ve dreamed of for many years, and we couldn’t be happier with the final result! Not only is the home great, but the neighborhood is terrific, full of nice people, including the family that will soon be moving in, who we’ve been fortunate enough to meet.

I’m truly honored that people at Legend have spoken kindly about me, especially considering what amazing people they are, themselves! I will forever be impressed with everyone I’ve met through Legend Homes. They take obvious pride in working for you, and they, too, have told me how highly they regard you.

Thank you, again, for your email. We wish all the best for everyone there.


My wife and I just wanted to express our appreciation for all that Legend has done for us over the past several months as we have been building our home. Even as your company has weathered the most recent financial storm, everyone member of your team has remained upbeat, positive and ready to assist us. Even the subcontractors that we meet on the job site have nothing but smiles for us and are always willing to answer our questions.

It’s during the most difficult times that we all discover what we are truly made of and over the past few weeks, Legend has shown that they are in a class by themselves. Having everyone remain supportive and be responsive to our needs has only reinforced our original decision to do business with your company. It’s been a wonderful experience watching it all come together and we are very proud that one day soon we will own a Legend home. Please share our sentiments with each member of your team – they’ve all really shined throughout the entire process.

–Chip & Jennifer

Legend Homes was fantastic. the home was completed before the promised due date and the repair orders were minimal. We appreciated the overall quality and workmanship that went into building our new home.

–Nicolan & Aileen O.

I bought my home from Legend Homes because I knew they were a company that was willing to give back to their community.

–Barbara M., Willamette Landing

The friendly and knowledgeble staff, from the sales team to the people at the design center. Everyone made my first home buying experience probably the best one I will have.

–Steven M.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work in helping us. It wouldn’t have been such a wonderful and enjoyable experience without your expert consultations and knowledgeable recommendations. We are very excited about the house.

Thanks again!!!

–Binh N.

We loved choosing all the finishes and upgrade options at the design center. Our house feels unique – very customized.

–Calvert & Jennifer S.

It was just a very easy process from the offer acceptance to the end the process. We have worked with the local staff at the office at Victoria Gardens and during the pre-closing walk through the people were very easy to work with.

–Robert & Minda S.

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